6:30 PM


Tuesday, October 09, 2018


The Planning & Zoning Commission welcomes your comments on agenda items. The Commission requests that speakers follow these procedures:




These items consist of routine and non-controversial items.  Any Commission member making such request prior to a motion and vote on the Consent items may consider items individually. Any member of the audience wishing to make comments on Consent Agenda items may do so with a majority approval of the Commission.




1.    If you wish to address the Commission, please complete a speaker card prior to the start of the meeting and provide it to the Administrative Assistant. Should you decide during the meeting to speak; please fill out a speaker card after you speak and give it to the Administrative Assistant.


2.    Following an overview of the case by the staff, the applicant is provided ten minutes to make his or her presentation. Following questions of the staff and the applicant by the Commission, those wishing to address the Commission are welcome to speak.


3.    The meeting is recorded, so please speak directly into the microphone and address all comments to the Commission, not to members of the audience or to the applicant.  To ensure there is enough time for all to speak, please limit your comments to a maximum of five minutes.  Comments should be related to new issues dealing directly with the agenda item without repeating the comments of other speakers.  If you are part of a group or homeowners’ association, the Commission recommends selecting one representative to present the views of your group.


4.    After all persons have been provided an opportunity to speak, the Public Hearing portion of the case will be closed and no further testimony will be permitted unless the Public Hearing is continued to a future date.


For more information on these agenda items, or any other Planning & Zoning matters, please contact Development Services at (972) 292.5300.







Roll Call





Consider and act upon approval of minutes of the Planning & Zoning Commission meeting on September 25, 2018.



Consider and act upon approval of minutes of the Special Planning & Zoning meeting on October 2, 2018.





Consider and act upon election of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Secretary of the Planning & Zoning Commission.


CONSENT AGENDA - Consider and Act



Revised Conveyance Plat:  Patronus Addition, Block A, Lots 2 & 3 (CP18-0033)

Owner(s):  Patronus Land Development, LLC

One fitness center, two retail/restaurant buildings, and three office buildings on two lots on 34.6± acres on the west side of Dallas Parkway, 1,700± feet north of Main Street. Zoned Planned Development-236-Commercial-1. Neighborhood #46. AL



Final Plat:  Frisco Lakes by Del Webb, Village 32 (FP18-0043)

Owner(s):  Pulte Homes of Texas, LP

35 Single Family-7 lots and three Homeowners' Association lot, on 11.1± acres on the west side of Anthem Drive, north and south of Vista Creek Drive. Zoned Planned Development-185-Single Family-7/Patio Home/Two Family. Neighborhood #43. AL



Final Plat:  Holiday Candlewood Addition, Block A Lots 1 & 2 (FP18-0049)

Owner(s):  Frisco Blue Suites LLC., Naynish LLC., and Meela Investment Properties LLC.

Two hotels on two lots on 3.0± acres on the northeast corner of Frisco Street and Enterprise Drive. Zoned Planned Development-253-Original Town Commercial/Commercial-1/Retail/Residential. Neighborhood #46. CM



Final Plat:  Texas Scottish Rite North Campus ASC, Block A, Lot 1 (FP18-0050)

Owner(s):  Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Crippled Children

One hospital on one lot on 40.2± acres on the northeast corner of Dallas Parkway and Lebanon Road. Zoned Planned Development-77-Commercial-1. Neighborhood #23 AM



Preliminary Plat:  Bretton Woods, Phases 2-3 (PP18-0009)

Owner(s):  Lennar Homes of Texas Land and Construction, LTD

62 single family-10 lots and five Homeowners' Association lots on 34.7± acres on the north and south side of Birch Rise Drive, 170± feet east of Timberfield Drive. Zoned Single Family-10. Neighborhood #2. AL



Preliminary Site Plan & Revised Conveyance Plat:  Railhead, Phase 1, Block A, Lots 1 - 10 (PSP18-0001 & CP18-0001)

Owner(s):  Wade Frisco Land Partners, Ltd. and Tollway Main Partners, L.P.

Three urban living buildings and one office building on ten lots on 80.7± acres on the west side of Dallas Parkway, 3,000± feet north of Main Street. Zoned Planned Development-263-Office-2/Retail/Residential. Neighborhood #46. JH



Preliminary Site Plan:  Stonebrook Plaza, Block A, Lots 1-12 (PSP18-0030)

Owner(s):  Goveia Commercial Real Estate

Four retail/restaurant buildings, four office buildings,two parking structures and one hotel and on twelve lots on 36.7± acres on the west side of Dallas Parkway, 750± feet north of Stonebrook Parkway.Zoned Planned Development-125-Commercial-1,Planned Development-112-Commercial-1 and Planned Development-104-Commercial-1.Neighborhood #22. AM



Preliminary Site Plan & Conveyance Plat:  Frisco Crossing III Block A, Lots 1-9 (PSP18-0032 & CP18-0035)

Owner(s):  Frisco Hollyhock/380 LP.

Two retail buildings, three retail/restaurant buildings, two restaurant buildings with drive-throughs, and one restaurant building on nine lots on 22.3± acres on the southwest corner of Hollyhock Road and US 380 . Zoned Planned Development-239- Retail and Retail. Neighborhood #51. CM



Preliminary Site Plan & Conveyance Plat:  Shops at Eldorado, Block A, Lots 1-3 (PSP18-0035 & CP18-0037)

Owner(s):  LG Legacy Eldorado, LLC.

Two retail/restaurant buildings and one licensed child care facility on three lots on 9.8± acres on the northeast corner of Legacy Drive and Eldorado Parkway. Zoned Planned Development-270-Retail. Neighborhood #47. AL



Call a Public Hearing:  Amendment to Planned Development-169

Owner(s):  Multiple Owners

A request to rescind the call to a public hearing to repeal Ordinance No. 08-10-97 and all other ordinances governing the zoning of that certain property consisting of 74.7± acres on the northeast corner of Dallas Parkway and Ikea Drive (“Property”), to amend the Zoning Ordinance (Ordinance No. 11-04-09, as amended) and to rezone the Property as Planned Development-Office-2-Retail-Residential. Zoned Planned Development-169-Mixed Use. Neighborhood #35. JH


PUBLIC HEARINGS - Consider and Act



Public Hearing-Replat:  Plantation Addition Block A, Lot 2 (RP18-0022)

Owner(s):  The Kelley Family Trust

A retail/restaurant building on one lot on 2.7± acres on the west side of Coit Road, 300± feet north of College Parkway. Zoned Commercial-1. Neighborhood #25. AL



Public Hearing - Specific Use Permit:  NWC Teel & Stonebrook, Block A, Lot 2 (SUP18-0010)

Owner(s):  Frisco School Real Estate, LLC.

A request for a Specific Use Permit for a Licensed Child-Care Center on one lot on 2.7± acres on the north side of Stonebrook Parkway, 600± feet west of Teel Parkway. Zoned Retail. Neighborhood # 42. AL



Public Hearing - Sign Variance:  Cinemark North Frisco, Block A, Lots 1 - 3 (V18-0007)

Owner(s):  CNMK Texas Properties, LLC

A request for a Variance to allow proposed wall signs on a neighborhood theater on three lots on 11.9± acres on the southwest corner of Dallas Parkway and US 380.  Zoned Planned Development-216-Mixed Use.  Proposed Zoning – Planned Development-Mixed-Use. Neighborhood #53.Tabled 9/11/18. PDC





Results of the October 2, 2018 City Council Meeting



Schedule of Future Discussion Items







Anthony Satarino, Planning Manager, certifies that this Notice of Meeting was posted on the outside bulletin board at the City of Frisco, Texas, George A. Purefoy Municipal Center at 6101 Frisco Square Boulevard, a place convenient and readily accessible to the general public at all times, and said Notice was posted on the following date and time:


By October 5, 2018 at 6:30 PM and remained so posted at least 72 hours before meeting was convened.


If during the course of the meeting covered by this notice, the Planning & Zoning Commission should determine that a closed or executive meeting or session of the Planning & Zoning Commission or a consultation with the attorney for the City should be held or is required, then such closed or executive meeting or session or consultation with attorney as authorized by the Texas Open Meetings Act, Texas Government Code § 551.001 et.  seq., will be held by the Planning & Zoning Commission at the date, hour and place given in this notice as the Planning & Zoning Commission may conveniently meet in such closed or executive meeting or session or consult with the attorney for the City concerning any and all subjects and for any and all purposes permitted by the Act, including, but not limited to, the following sanctions and purposes:


Texas Government Code Section:

§ 551.071 – Private consultation with the attorney for the City.


The Frisco City Hall is wheelchair accessible.  Access to the building and special parking are available at the primary north entrance facing Frisco Square Blvd.  Persons with disabilities who plan to attend this meeting and who may need auxiliary aids or services such as interpreters for persons who are deaf or hearing impaired, readers, or large print, are requested to contact the City Secretary’s Office at (972) 292-5025 or by FAX (972) 292-5028.  BRAILLE IS NOT AVAILABLE.